Beautiful Pictures On Gold Engraved Lockets

I mentioned awhile back that Pictures On Gold was giving away a free locket. I didn't win the contest, but I did get one of their lockets. I got a beautiful silver locket for my mother that is engraved with a personal message from my sister and I on the back and our photo inside. What's so special about this locket? The photo is color engraved into the locket! I don't have to insert tiny photos, and our photo will never get ruined. It's inside the locket for life! Pictures On Gold really did a great job with this locket, and my photos really do it no justice.

The photo inside is a photo of my sister and I from my wedding. They did such a great job you would never know there used to be a brown paneled wall behind us as well as part of another person that's head had been cropped off! Although you can't tell from my photos, the detail is amazing. You can even see the tiny pearl necklaces we were wearing. My sister's maid of honor dress is the perfect color of purple, and you can even see the color difference in my her blonde hair versus brunette me. I will definitely be ordering another locket like this for my mother-in-law. I know she would love to have one of her three children.

I wish I could show you a photo of the engraving, but my camera is so horrible that I just can't take a photo of it. The locket also came in a beautiful gift box with a view window that I will be wrapping for my mom. Oh, and it also came with a cleaning cloth to keep the locket sparkling!

Pictures On Gold even included a promo code for free shipping on my next order, AND they even included a note to pass it on to friends! That means I can share it with you guys, so if you would like to order yourself one of these beautiful gold lockets or even a silver one like mine you can use the code "SHIP2007" for free shipping!