Share Your Finds

I have decided to try something different here.  I normally tend to keep the comments turned off on this blog because I receive so many spam comments that I just don’t have the time to moderate them all.  I have been wanting to turn commenting back on, so I did a little experiment.


Blogger now has a spam filter, so I decided to turn commenting back on for a few days to see how well the spam filter handled the spam I was receiving.  I’m happy to say that things are looking good, so I’m turning the commenting system back on.


I’m doing this because I want to give you guys the chance to share any freebies, coupons, or contests you may have to share!  Whether it’s a coupon to purchase acne products at a discount, a blog contest, or anything feel free to share it. I promise to publish all comments that aren't spam, offensive, rude, harassing, or racist.