Good Sam Emergency Assistance Plus

Are you covered if you find yourself in a situation where you may need emergency assistance? Whether you have insurance or not you may find yourself in a situation where you need emergency via an emergency medical transport that isn't covered by your insurance or not available if you are paying out of pocket. Does your insurance cover emergency assistance if you are in a foreign country when something goes wrong?

Check out Good Sam Emergency Assistance Plus. For as little as $89 you can start a pre-paid medical assistance plan that could help you when you need it most. Note this is not insurance or a health plan.

Via the Good Sam website, here are the benefits to this program.

  • Medical Evacuation
  • Return of Traveling Companion Assistance
  • Unlimited Cash Advance Assistance
  • Legal Advice and Referral Assistance
  • Message Delivery Service
  • Lost Items Assistance
  • Prescription Replacement Assistance
  • Embassy and Consular Services
  • Worldwide Medical Information
  • Language Interpretation Assistance
  • Return of Dependent Children Assistance
  • Vehicle Return