New Rules For Contacting Me

I’ve been receiving a lot of emails lately asking me to share things with my readers, but I haven’t been sharing many of them.  That’s because most of them don’t involve the types of things I share.  This blog is for sharing free samples, coupons, discounts, contests, and anything else related to saving money.  It is NOT for promoting your product or service unless you are running a promotion that offers my readers a money saver.

Because of this I am implementing a few new rules to follow when emailing me about something you would like me to share.

  • Make sure a money saver is involved.  I will not promote a product or service just because you ask nicely (although quite a few emails have not been so nice!).  I will share the information if it regards a coupon, discount, free shipping offer, contest, etc.
  • Make sure the information is relevant to most everyday readers. If it is not I most likely will not publish it.   For example, I came across a deal on bovie electrosurgical generators. Even though the promotion involves a free warranty and $200 worth of accessories it is not something I would normally share because it is not relevant to most readers.
  • Please do not spam me offering your SEO services.  I receive quite a number of these emails on a daily basis, and I am not interested.  If I were I definitely wouldn’t hire someone who spammed my email!