No More Rack Accounts Possibly Compromised

As usual I’ve been slack, so I haven’t been sharing many freebies.  That’s kind of my own fault because I’ve probably spent twice as much time online searching for coupons, especially for groceries, because of our current financial situation.  Hubby has been laid off again for a month now, and the job market isn’t being kind at all.  We’ve both applied for jobs all over the place, even at McDonald’s, and he finally got his first call back for an interview this morning.  The interview is in the morning, and if he doesn’t get this job I don’t know what we’ll do.  I’ve spent most of my free time searching for jobs and trying to find coupons to save every dime we can since we’re living on a grocery budget of about $20 a week right now.

That’s also why I freaked out this morning when I saw Thrifty Wife’s post about No More Rack having a security breach that possibly leaked the personal information our their customers. If you have ever shopped through No More Rack or just entered your personal info including your credit card number you really need to read her post. Your information could be compromised, and not even the best rfid blocking wallets will keep your credit card number safe if it's being stolen right out from under your nose online! Luckily I never got around to putting in my credit card information, so I don’t have to risk what little money we have being stolen from our account. I signed up to receive my free credit, but I never used it to order anything. Now I will most definitely never shop through their website. I understand security breaches do happen, but I'm not very happy with the way it is being handled over there.  Instead of informing customers it’s as if No More Rack is trying to cover up the mishap!