My Own Giveaways

Now that my hubby has gone back to work at a decent paying job I can concentrate on getting the new part of my business up and running.  I had hoped to do that and get some products ready to giveaway before Christmas, but Hubby’s unemployment put a snag in that timeline.  My business isn’t big enough to be running out for a merchant cash advance, so I just put it on hold until I could afford some of the startup costs associated with this new venture. The business itself isn't new, but I have a new line of products.  I won’t say what they are, but I will say as soon as I’ve got things ready to go I will be giving away some products here.  What better place to hold my own giveaways than my blog that revolves around freebies and giveaways, right?

So keep your eyes open, and hopefully by January I will be ready to offer my readers a few free items!  In the meantime if you own a home business and would like to giveaway some of your products feel free to contact me.  I’d be happy to host a giveaway for you.