10% Off RangerUp.com

Normally I don't buy clothes for myself "just because".  I have a clothing budget, and if I need something I'll buy it, but thanks to my family I normally get all the clothes I need at Christmas.  Tonight I decided I'm going to treat myself to a new shirt, though, just because.  I've been selling a lot of hair bows and diaper cakes lately, so I feel like I deserve to spend a bit of that extra cash on myself.

I was surfing through the army clothing store, RangerUp.com, earlier and saw a t-shirt I really want.

Think I can get away with wearing this to my CWP class in a few weeks? LOL  Or maybe I'll wear it the next time we're having a Call of Duty party.  It's been awhile since we had one of those, so I think it's just about time to have another!

Anywho, if you see anything on RangerUp.com that interests you use the coupon code "danlatvala" to receive 10% off your order!