DIY Baby Furniture

I think Hubby is really going to hate me by the end of the weekend. I spent a good bit of time today online looking up free furniture plans for new stuff for the baby's room so he can build something. I've spent months searching for a kid sized armoire or a dresser that I like within our price range, but I haven't had any luck.

Why am I still searching when I'm married to a perfectly good carpenter who can build me what I want? The answer is because getting him to build me anything is like pulling teeth, but this time it's going to happen whether he likes it or not. The baby will be here in 7 weeks, and I really need a place to store her clothes.

I decided I want the dresser to be something that can be used as a changing table now with storage for the diaper genie on the side or maybe pull out trash cans and bins for dirty clothes. We'll just have to see what I come up with. I'm sure whatever it is he's not going to be happy about building it, but he'll get over it!