Oh No She Didn't

Last night we had to go to the hospital so I could be put on the monitor for awhile.  I was having some pains that even the doctor couldn't distinguish between Braxton Hicks and real contractions until they put me on the monitor, so a trip to triage was in order.

Hubby had been working on the bike, so I admit he walked in there with grease stained hands and a smear on his shirt.  He said if I was really in labor he wasn't wasting hours scrubbing when he could bring a change of clothes with him.  I get where he's coming from.  It's not like he sits around playing with mbox pro from musicians friend all the time. He's a hard working man who is most likely found outside doing something dirty whether he's working or "playing".

Anywho, he apologized to the nurse for looking like such a mess and was telling her he had brought a change of clothes with him in case the baby decided she was coming out a few weeks early.  We were really joking around with it, but the nurse must have been having a really bad day.  She snapped back at him making a comment about the holes in the bottom of his shirt, a "work" shirt he was wearing so as not to ruin his good clothes working on the bike, and how if he couldn't afford a shirt that doesn't have holes we shouldn't be having a baby.

Needless to say Mama wasn't about to bite her tongue on that one.  Little Miss nurse got a "talkin' to", and then I had her taken off my rotation for the remainder of the time we were there.  Thank goodness I only had to stay on the monitor for a couple hours, but I wasn't about to put up with that crap from anyone.

Little Miss straight out of nursing school needs to learn how to talk to her patients respectfully for starters.  I'm thankful my husband is the type of man who wants to get dirty fixing things himself.  Not only is it rewarding for him, but it saves us a ton of money, too.

And am I the only person out there who tends to laugh when someone wants to give me a lesson about how expensive babies are?  Yes, babies will cost you, but it also depends on how you raise your child.  You have to consider your own situation, what type of products you want to use, etc.  As a work at home mom I don't have to shell out well over $100 a week in daycare, etc.  My kids don't wear brand new brand name clothes because they don't need to.  Things like that are a waste of money in my personal opinion.  My kids don't do without, but we don't have to spend tons of money to satisfy their needs either, and I'm grateful for that.  I can't wait to hold my precious new baby, and I can honestly say she will not be a financial burden on us.  In fact we've spent less than $150 out of pocket getting ready for her arrival this time because we're frugal enough to save our baby gear from baby #1!