Kraft Cheese Coupon

I jumped out of bed this morning to check for snow that never showed up :-(, so I figure it’s time to print some coupons out.  Everyone probably hit the grocery store last night anticipating the snow, so maybe that means I can get in there today without battling crowds!  I did stop in to pick up a couple things Wednesday night, and there were even cardboard displays advertising snow essentials. I swear they'll take advantage of anything these days to make a buck!

Anywho there was a good coupon this morning on Freesnatcher, so I thought you may be interested.  We’ve got a $1 Off 2 Packages of Kraft or Cracker Barrel Natural Cheese.  If you have an Ingles nearby definitely grab this one as the Kraft Cheese has been 3 for $5 a lot lately.  Combine the coupon and the sale price to get 3 packs for $4.