Line Your Pockets With Book Sales

Saving money is good, but making it is even better, and now it’s super easy to put a little extra cash in your pocket.  All you need are a few books that you don’t want anymore.  Maybe you’ve re-read a few of them, and you know you won’t read it again anytime soon, so you want to get rid of it.  Maybe you or your kids have a few of those books around the house that had to be purchased for school.  Now you can get rid of them and make a little cash at the same time. I know I have a ton of old textbooks leftover from college. Many of them cost well over $100 and were brand new, but I couldnt' sell them back because the school wasn't using them the next year. Sell them online and make some money!


It’s so easy to sell books. All you have to do is visit, and enter the ISBN of the book. You can see what price you can get for your book, and if you choose to sell it will even pay the shipping to mail it in to them. Sell your book, print the prepaid shipping label, and get cash. How easy is that? Super easy! I think I'll have to give their service a try. I've got boxes and boxes of books around here that I've been saving for a yard sale, but I can get them out of here and get valuable storage space back without having to wait for summer time and yard sale weather to roll around.