Organizing My Coupons

As a new mother I’m learning how to manage my time and my money in a totally different way.  Before the baby came along being frugal wasn’t a necessity.  It was a way of life I grew up with, and something I continued because I enjoy saving money.  Who wants to just throw money away anyway?  Now with the baby we don’t have to do it, but saving money does allow us to have more.  Groceries are still the biggie for me, but baby supplies are something else I find myself trying to save money on. 


Today I’m hoping to share a few coupons, but we’ll have to see how my time goes.  Right now I’m trying to get all the coupons printed that I’ve been saving for a couple weeks.  I just haven’t had time to do it with a colicky baby, but now that she’s starting to get better I’m having a little more time to do things like that.  I’ve got a ton of coupons to print out today before I hit the grocery store tonight! 


I’ve got pizza, Purina, Hot Pocket, multivitamin, and Mylicon coupons

I've been saving to use that will be expiring in the next couple of days. Those added with all these new coupons I'm printing puts me at $211.75 worth of coupons I'll have to take with me. I'm not sure how many of those I'll end up using since I haven't budgeted out a grocery list yet, but I know I'm definitely going to save a lot tonight.


New Mommies, never overlook the free offers from the various baby companies.  If you’re using formula definitely check out the website for the brand you’re using and sign up for the newsletter, coupons, etc.  Those $5 check type coupons most companies send out really do help!  We haven’t paid full price for formula yet.  We only use it to supplement, but I can’t imagine how expensive it would be if we were using formula full time.