2 Free CFL Bulbs From Energy Efficient Now

Have you switched over to CFL (compact fluorescent light) bulbs in your house yet?  If you haven’t you’re missing out on additional savings while helping the environment at the same time.  CFL bulbs use 75% less energy than traditional light bulbs, so that means more savings in your pocket and less energy usage.  Many countries are already banning traditional bulbs in favor of CFLs.


We started switching to CFL when we had a problem with traditional bulbs blowing constantly in our house.  Our house is old, and so is the wiring which caused a major problem with lights.  I would change out the bulb in the bathroom weekly until we started using CFLs.  I switched the bulb over about a year ago, and I haven’t had to change it since.  We’re sold on CFLs.


The only problem is that CFLs do contain Mercury, so there is a hype out there scaring some people away from using them.  Hypes are created to scare people off from buying a product, especially when a product is going to be phased out because of this.  In other instances hypes are created just because people don’t know the facts.  For instance I know a woman who tries really believes the government is leaking things into our water system to cause hemorrhoids just to sell more hemorrhoids treatment medicines!  Yes I totally think she’s crazy, but she goes around trying to convince people this is the reason she has hemorrhoids!


If you’ve been scared of trying CFLs because of the Mercury hype check out this site to get the facts about how much Mercury is contained in each bulb versus how much Mercury power plants generate.


If you’re ready to switch over to CFLs to save money and energy check out Energy Efficient Now to receive 2 free CFL bulbs!