Lysol Coupons

This is one week when stopping this nasty bug running through our house has replaced us talking about quick weight loss diets. We're losing enough weight with our lack of appetites and all the vomiting. We've got to get this thing knocked out quickly!


We decided today is going to be a remove the nasty bug from our house day, so we’re doing everything we can to make sure this bug doesn’t get passed around again.  That’s almost always what happens.  We get sick, we get better, and a few days later someone ends up with round two starting the cycle all over again. 


Today I’m going to run to the store to grab some extra cleaning supplies, then I’m going to Lysol every single minute particle in this house.  Luckily Lysol has some printable money saving coupons right now that will really help out, so don’t forget to grab yours!  You could save yourself up to $9.50!