May Pillsbury Coupon Round Up

Since my plans to go atv riding with a friend today got spoiled I figured I'd take advantage of the time the baby's with a sitter to do some coupon searching and printing.  I know I’ll be going to the grocery store later this evening, so Pillsbury was at the top of my list of coupons to print.


You can find a ton of money saving coupons on Pillsbury’s website.  Here are the coupons you can grab this month.


  • Save $.30 on any TWO Pillsbury Grands Biscuits
  • Save $.40 on any TWO Pillsbury Italian Meals Breads
  • Save $.55 on ONE box of Original Cheerios
  • Save $.55 on ONE box of Cinnamon Toast Crunch
  • Save $.40 on any Betty Crocker Suddenly Salad Mix
  • Save $.50 on any Green Giant Create A Meal Stir Fry Frozen Meal Starter
  • Save .$40 on any one box (any flavor) of Nature Valley Granola Bars

That’s a total of $3.10 in savings, but if you shop at a store that doubles and triples coupons like I do the savings will really add up!