All Six Flags Tickets The Same Price As Kids Tickets

It's that time of the year when most everyone is either on vacation, planning to go on vacation, or wishing they could be on vacation.  Personally I'd like to be taking a vacation to dream land as I've had too many late nights with lack of sleep lately. I'll settle for some eye cream for dark circles instead, and I'll hope I have enough energy for our family vacation by the time it rolls around.

If your family hasn't planned a vacation for this summer, but you're looking for something fun to do why not take a day trip to Six Flags?  I saw the commercial for this just a few minutes ago and decided I definitely needed to share it.  Right now you can get all tickets for the price of a kids ticket with the coupon code TRIBUTE.  Plus Six Flags will donate $1 of your ticket sales to help wounded military and veterans.