Black Friday Ads Posted

I haven’t had much time online the last few days, but tonight I had to sit down for a few minutes to check out the ads that have been posted for Black Friday.  With Hubby still out of work I’ll definitely be hitting up Black Friday sales for our family’s Christmas this year.  I’m not letting my daughter go without on the first Christmas in which she’ll actually be able to participate. 


I don’t plan to spend a lot, and that’s why the Black Friday sales are perfect for us.  Sure I’ll have to drag myself out of bed well before the sun comes up, and I'll probably be running around so jacked up it'll seem like I popped a whole bottle of thermogenic fat burners, but it will definitely be worth it when I see the look on my little girl's face on Christmas morning.


If you’re crazy enough to hit up the sales like I am below you’ll find a listing of a few great sites that post Black Friday and Cyber Monday ads.  A lot of stores, such as Walmart, are also running specials that are at 12:01am Friday morning, so if you’re not the early bird type you may still have a chance to do some last night shopping before you retire to bed!


Anywho, here are a few sites I use.