Keep An Eye Out For The Sales

This is a great time of year for shopping for anything and everything because it’s time for Black Friday sales!  We have quite a few Black Friday sales going on in our area this weekend, so be on the lookout in your local stores and papers for ads announcing when their Black Friday sales are.  I keep a list of things to look for during the sales because you can get some really great prices on anything and everything.


Last year I didn’t get to go shopping because I wasn’t dragging a newborn out in the wee hours of the morning, but the year before that I got some really great deals.  We saved over 50% on a new TV, and I was able to pick up some petite clothing for my sister-in-law at a really cheap price. A lot of people don't really think about buying clothes during Black Friday sales, but you really can find them on sale. I always check both online and store sales for clothes for my sister-in-law because she is very petite person who has a hard time finding clothes that fit without shopping in the little girl's section.  I have a better chance of finding these clothes on sale when other sales are running, and more people seem to be interested in the big ticket electronics items during these sales which normally means I’m not stuck pushing through a crowd of people to shop for clothing!