Help Out A Child In Need

This post isn't going to be about coupons, freebies, or where you can find the best price on sleeping pills. Today I want to take a time out from all of that to ask you to take a bit of the cash you have saved through your frugal shopping and help out someone else in need.


Although there are many families out there who need our help year round many people aren’t reminded of it until the holidays approach.  We see the bell ringers standing outside our favorite stores in the cold for hours while we are happily inside in the warmth shopping.  How many of us take the time to do something to help?  When I have the chance I’ve donated my time to help raise money for the Salvation Army.  In years that I’ve been unable to afford a monetary donation I’ve felt it was the least I could do. 


This year I will be unable to volunteer, so I decided I would try my best to still help raise money for the Salvation Army and other charities through my blogs.  I’m asking you to remember those in need this holiday season, and if at all possible give a donation.  You can donate to the Salvation Army online by filling out the secure donation form.


Every year I also try to buy at least one gift for the Angel Tree.  The tree I support is for a local charity that provides gifts for orphans, but there are many types of these programs out there.  It’s really easy to participate.  Just find your local store that has an angel tree or gift tree, select a tag (or more if you can afford it!) from the tree, and buy a gift according to the tag instructions.  Most will provide the child’s age range and gender.  Some trees will also include a list of items the child may need.  Most trees ask for gifts in the $10-25 range, so to me that’s a small price to pay to help out a child who wouldn’t otherwise have a Christmas gift.


The Salvation Army and JCPenney have teamed up for the Angel Giving Tree.  These trees help provide for gifts for children and seniors in financial hardship who would otherwise be without a gift.  It’s now super easy to participate in a giving tree program because you can adopt an angel online!  When adopting an angel you can choose to adopt locally, choose an age range, and gender. 


So here it is folks.  I’m asking you to please if at all possible take the time to help out someone else in need this holiday season.  Whether you can provide a gift, monetary donation, or just donate a little time to help a program it will be much appreciated.  Plus it’s a great experience, too!