Local flea markets can have some great finds too!

Guest post written by Heather Thompson

I think it's so funny when some of my friends assume that they won't be able to find anything good in their own flea markets. But I remind them that when you're there, you have to look at a piece and imagine how it would be in your home or after you've fixed it up some. It's all about taking it and making it for your own instead of just taking it at face value. If I did that when I went to flea markets, I would come away with barely anything.

One of my best tools in finding all that great stuff is my Wireless internet Dallas because I use it to keep track of vendors and get in touch with some that I've come to befriend over the years to ask if they've come across certain kinds of things that I'm after.

That's actually how I've found some of my best pieces at the local flea market! Even if the vendors don't have what you're looking for then, a lot of the times they'll be on the lookout for whatever it is or tell you who can help you out with that.