Christmas Money

Guest post from: Kent Lara
We looked into getting a Satellite Dish TV after my accountant went through our monthly bills and discovered that we were paying too much money for our television service every month. I switched to dish and actually ended up getting more than we were getting before and also have more money at the end of the month in my wallet. I have decided that I am going to put the extra money every month away into a Christmas account. I usually end up every year without any Christmas gifts and without any money. Our accountant went through all our bills and helped me make adjustments. With the way she calculated everything, if I put all of the money that we saved every month into an account then I will have over a thousand dollars come the beginning of December. That will definitely be enough to buy my husband and family something for Christmas. Then, I won’t have anything on my credit card and will be able to start the new year debt free. Woo hoo!