Repurposing Day

I put freebie hunting on the back burner this week because I've got some other stuff going on that is more important, and between work and a fussy little one I haven't had much time to split between everything.  I did manage to do a little bargain shopping at Dollar General last night, but I didn't make an extra trip.  We were stopping by to pick up a few things we needed, so I hit up the Valentine's Day clearance section.  I always wait until everything is marked down to 75% off before I start my after holiday shopping.

I grabbed a 2 rolls of  hearts and kisses ribbon to add to my craft supplies for .30 each (will be great for corker bows), let Ellie pick out 3 sheets of stickers that have worked wonders to improve her mood, also .30 each, and then I noticed some gift sets on the bottom shelf that were also marked really low.  Clearance gift sets are always great because they're perfect to throw in my gift cabinet.  If I forget to buy someone a present or I'm low on cash I can make a quick trip to my gift cabinet and find some stuff to throw together a cute gift basket. I picked up 2 shower gel sets (8 gels each) for $1 each, and a 30 shadow makeup set for .50!  The sets each retail for $8 a piece, so I'm happy with my savings.

I spent today rearranging my craft and gift cabinets while I added my new purchases.  Then during nap time I set to work repurposing some items.  I mixed together a few paint samples I had until I found a color I liked and painted a small wooden shelf I had Hubby turn into a wall mount coat rack. He added a piece of decorative trim (also scrap leftover from work) and some cheap but pretty knobs I picked up on clearance.  I'll hang it on the wall behind the living room door tomorrow after it's dry.

Hubby came home from work last week with some extra large dowel rods that were cut to the wrong sizes, so I wrapped them in a tan ribbon and made my own curtain rods for our bedrooms to replace the metal ones that have seen better days.  These days I think I'm saving more money by repurposing than I am with clearance and coupon shopping!