Spring Cleaning Time

The Spring cleaning bug has definitely bitten, and I’ve been busily cleaning away.  Spring is also the time I really want to take the old and make it new again, so when I’ve had time I’ve been working on my refurbishing projects.  I’ve been so slack with my blogs, but I’m loving how much I’ve gotten done around here! 

Tomorrow’s task will be to refurbish some of the old storage cabinets in my office. I’ve got 2 metal cabinets in here that I picked up at a thrift store a couple years ago because they reminded me of the old metal storage cabinets we were assigned to each room in college.  The cabinets are awesome and have tons of storage, but they looked ratty when I bought them.  They are both painted a dull gray and remind me of military barracks, so I want to brighten them up.  One has some rust, so I’m going to spend tomorrow dragging them outside then stripping and sanding them while the little one plays in the sunshine, and hopefully I’ll have them ready to paint by Wednesday!