Empty Mailbox Syndrome

Have you received any great freebies, samples, or coupons in the mail lately? I feel like I'm going through free sample withdrawals lately. I've been so busy I haven't had time to request anything, so sadly I haven't had much of anything waiting in the mailbox for me. I love that my business is really taking off. I'm increasing my income, but no matter how much money I'm making I'm still frugal. I guess that's where it's a catch 22 with saving money. I want to spend some time each day searching out samples and great coupons to pair with sales, but instead I'm spending my time troubleshooting for customers, building websites, and researching to find a great unified communications platform. By the way if you're also needing a communications system for business meetings and such you should ceck out actconferencing.com. They're offering a free trial of teem Unified Communications.