Helping A Family In Need

Every month I box up all the coupons I don’t need or that have expired and send them to families overseas who need them.  Actually I give them to a friend who collects everyone’s coupons and sends them to the families to ensure they all get a nice stack of coupons.

This month I’ll be sending my expired coupons her way, but I decided to send the in date coupons I won’t use elsewhere, to a family we know up north who could really use the help.  Not only is their family of 3 about to become a family of 4, but he’s out of work with some serious back problems and just had a new back surgery to try to relieve some of the pain previous back surgeries have worsened instead of helped. So far the latest surgery has helped a bit, but he’s still in massive amounts of pain and unable to work.  That’s putting the family in a tight spot, so I’ve been collecting in date coupons for items I know they use or will use with the new baby and baby samples I no longer need but still receive like diapers, wipes, and formula.  I’m about to stick them all in a big box and mail them out along with a couple drawings my little girl made for their son who is her age. 

So I’ll be back to sending my coupons to the families overseas soon, but I feel this family really needs any help I can send them right now.  Do you use coupons and samples to help needy families you know?  Do you donate products you buy with coupons to rescues or food banks?