The Deals Can Wait

I had big plans for the afternoon and evening, and every one of them have fallen apart.  I never made it to the grocery store to do my weekly shopping.  I didn't have time to print my coupons, so it wouldn't have mattered anyway.  I didn't get any of my work done, my house is a wreck, my little one is sick, but it doesn't matter.  Today's events have me thankful for each and every person in my life, thankful for each day we have, and I could care less what didn't get accomplished because I have my family here, safe and sound. Ellie has a virus, but it could be much worse.  I have a bruised foot that hurts to stand on after a collision with my rocking chair this evening, but... it could be worse.

We got news this morning that our BFF was in a wreck, some idiot was too busy texting to pay attention to a curve and drove straight into the other lane instead.  BFF was hit so hard in the driver's side that it literally knocked the rear axle out from under his truck and 20 feet away.  His quick reaction time had him jerking into the grass shoulder as he watched the other truck coming at him causing him to avoid a head on collision, and the major gash in his forehead happened to be right on top of the titanium plate he has in his forehead from a major head injury over a decade ago when his skull was crushed.  The doctor said if his head had been hit even an inch to either side he would have been in emergency surgery for another skull crushing injury if he had survived the wreck.  As for the guy that was texting, he walked away with only minor injuries, but I hope he also walked away with the knowledge that he could have killed someone from texting.

I was emailing BFF's wife to check on him when I got bad news from another friend.  Her son has Neurofibromatosis, and they have been monitoring tumors growing on nerves behind his eyes.  The tumors are growing once again, and now this precious 2 1/2 year old must start chemo immediately.  I can't imagine what it feels like to be in that situation, to hear your child must suffer through chemo.  I know she feels like the nuts and bolts holding her together will snap at any moment, but she must stay strong for her child.  My heart goes out to this beautiful little boy who has touched us all, and I had a good cry as I prayed for protection and healing mercy and thanked God for my healthy little girl.  At that point nothing that has gone wrong in my world today mattered.  It's all minute compared to what this family will now be faced with.

As the little one was watching a movie tonight I sat down at my desk thinking I would search for a few deals to share.  I couldn't concentrate because I kept thinking of all the things that have gone wrong, and everything my loved ones are dealing with.  I closed my laptop and curled up on the couch instead.  The shopping can wait.  If I miss a deal, oh well.  What is important is taking the time to look at the things we already have in life, the people we love, and to realize nothing else compares.  I spent my evening curled up with my wonderful husband and beautiful daughter enjoying every minute I had to share with them before the evening came to an end.