Vacation Planning With Coupons

It’s official. It’s time to start saving our way to Florida.  Yes, saving, not spending.  We have family in Tampa and Lakeland that we’ve really wanted to visit, and now that the little one is old enough for some of the theme park rides we’re going to plan a vacation to visit family and Disney. 

Last night I started to plan out how much we need to save.  I got ticket prices, and calculated for food, gas, and spending money.  We’ll definitely be driving down, but we’ll be staying with family, so we’re already saving ourselves a good bit of cash right there.  Once I had an amount I started planning out our savings.  I need to kick the couponing into high gear again and attempt to save $50 a week.  That’s really not that hard to do if I coupon right.  Thank you Southern Savers for helping me out in that department!  Usually if I take the time to check Southern Savers before I plan my shopping list I can still feed the family wholesome meals and save 30-40% off my grocery bill.  It’s all about buying the right things at the right time!  Plus shopping at Bi-Lo means I can earn Fuel Perks towards gas purchases as well.

I had everything planned when I walked into my office and caught the Hubby on the computer looking up limo service tampa. With a raised eyebrow I asked why in the world he was looking for a limo service. He replied if we're going to take this trip we're going to enjoy a night out to ourselves while his aunt watches Ellie, so he might as well make it a great one. Now it looks like I better add some limo cash to our budget. I really don't care about a limo ride, but he's all for it. If that's what he wants that's what he'll get!