Shopping For Mechanical Thing For The Hubby

I've been doing a lot of research for the Hubby tonight, and I must say my brain is hurting. We've had a lot of vehicle breakdowns over the last year, and Hubby is our resident mechanic. We save a ton of cash by buying our own parts and having him do our mechanic work versus taking our vehicles to a shop.

We couldn't do this if Hubby hadn't spent a majority of his life working on cars, but thankfully he has the skills to fix most of our issues. Currently our Duramax is in pieces. He decided to tackle three things at once, a head gasket replacement, cracked tailhousing replacement, and a transfer case rebuild, so needless to say he's been spending a lot of time turning wrenches.

My office was confiscated and turned into his "rebuild room" for the time being, so I'm stuck working at the kitchen table. That's no fun for me when I'm trying to avoid distractions like the kids squealing in the background, so I've been trying to help him revamp our garage into a better work area. I would personally prefer for all the "car stuff" to stay in the garage!

So, I asked Hubby to make a list of things for the garage that would make it a much better work environment. Of course the first thing on the list is super expensive, but it's something he's wanting for a long time. Hubby wants a car lift, ya know, that thing the mechanic drives your car on to lift it in the air. Honestly, I'm all for it, too, because I'm tired of scrubbing dirt and grease off the back of his shirts from all the time he's stuck on his back on the ground under our cars.

So, tonight the research began. I've been reading about a ton of different lifts trying to find the best one for us at the cheapest price. I have to keep in mind that we need a big one, something big enough to lift our super huge super heavy diesel truck. Plus I decided I need to check out the safety features on auto lifts to be sure I'm spending my money wisely on something safe.

Whew, who knew shopping for Hubby could be so difficult...and costly? I'm still dealing with a little bit of sticker shock after seeing the one he wants costs over $4000! He better expect this to be his birthday, anniversary, Father's Day, and Christmas present all rolled into one for at least a decade!