Baby Barn Combo Sample Body/Hair Wash & Lotion

These days I spend less time worrying about my own skin and more time worrying about my baby’s skin.  Even though I do think I need to purchase myself an anti wrinkle face cream to add to my daily regimen I've been spending most of my skincare cash on my little girl.


I’m very thankful that she hasn’t turned out to have any problems with any of the baby products we’ve used yet.  I’m assuming when she was blessed with her Daddy’s dark Italian skin she also received his ability to use just about anything.  Thank goodness because I didn’t want her getting my super sensitive and pale as a ghost skin!


The fact that she has no problems with the baby stuff we use doesn’t mean I’m not always looking for alternatives, especially of the organic and all natural varieties.  That’s why I’m super excited about a product sample I just found from Baby Barn.


You can grab a combo sample that contains both the Baby Barn Baby Body and Hair Wash and the Soft Skin Baby Lotion.  Samples are available to US residents 18 and over, and you even get to choose one of 3 baby wash scents…fragrance free, lavender avacado, or honeysuckle orange.


Baby Barn products are “all-natural, organic, vegan, cruelty-free, and extremely effective.” I’m totally looking forward to trying these products on my little girl!