What We Want To Buy

It's no secret that both the Hubby and I like to window shop and daydream about things we would buy if we had an unlimited amount of money to blow on random stuff. My office/craft room would probably be packed floor to ceiling with tons of crafting supplies I would never use. Hubby, he would have a massive collection of musical instruments.

Tonight I caught him "window shopping" online, looking at guitars we can't afford right now. He's making a list of "things I will own in the next 10 years", and apparently this eric krasno electric guitar made it's way onto that list tonight.

Honestly, I'm glad we can't afford even a fraction of the stuff we say we would love to have one day. Our house is tiny, and it's already bursting at the seems. It would take an army to clean a house big enough to fit all the stuff we would want, so I'll stick to my happy little frugal life in my little house with my little family.