No Retail Therapy

Between hearing about the death of one of my favorite actors, Paul Walker, and my beloved Tigers losing (thanks to Boyd having a knack tonight for throwing for the wrong team it seemed) it has been one heck of an evening.  It's the kind of evening that makes me want to eat lots of chocolate while I do some e-retail therapy.

It's a good thing I don't use credit cards unless it's an emergency because I totally could have maxed one out tonight if I were that kind of person.  New shoes and outfits for me, boots and a new camo jacket for the hubby, or maybe even the Axl Bass amp he's been looking at. Yep, I could have bought it all just to make myself feel better. For me retail therapy isn't necessarily about buying stuff for myself as long as I'm buying something.  Usually if I'm in a bad mood I'll go buy something for my girls, and it works just the same as buying something for me.  Boy am I glad I don't have to regret any major purchases tonight!