What Coupon?

Who knew I would be on hiatus from this blog for so long? I guess that is kind of a stupid question as little as I have posted over the last few months, though, right? I really am sorry that I have had so many things get in the way of my blogging, but things happen. The kiddos definitely don't allow much online time these days especially with hubby working super long hours at work. We're lucky if he gets 1 day off every 3 weeks.

Honestly I haven't really had time to do much coupon or bargain hunting either. Really I hardly ever get to go to the store anymore. I do use Ibotta a lot at the Dollar General, but that is because it's the convenient option right now. I do order some essential items online when I can get a deal, but lately my online shopping has been confined to stuff like ordering auralex foam at musicians friend for my FIL. It's funny how life can change so fast your shopping habits also change practically over night.