Aveeno Baby Coupon

Here's a quick coupon for a product I'm absolutely loving right now.  Receive a coupon for $1 off ANY Aveeno® Baby product by registering for a free account at the Aveeno® website.  If you haven't tried the Aveeno® baby line yet it's worth a try.  We were having a ton of problems with our little girl's skin when we brought her home from the hospital, and it all cleared up after 1 application of the Aveeno® baby lotion!  I'll never use anything else on her.

Now I'm off to fix some lunch and mop the floors before the baby wakes up.  I never realized how much dirt gets tracked in on these floors until we had the baby.  I'm seriously considering buying a box of disposable shoe covers and making people put them on when they walk in the door. It's definitely easier than demanding they take their shoes off.

Anywho, as soon as I'm done with the mopping (and if the baby doesn't wake up), I'm going to try to get back here to post a list of Black Friday Deals.