Free Sample Of Parents Choice Formulas

Yes I am a breastfeeding mother, but I do use some formula.  When we first brought Elliana home from the hospital we were supplementing to make sure she was getting enough since she was 5 weeks premature.  The only formula we could use then was the premixed kind, so I didn’t have much a choice with which formula we could use.  Similac Advance Early Shield was pretty much the only thing she could take.


Once we was old enough to take powdered formula was switched to the powered Similac, but it’s just so expensive!  For us it’s not too bad since we only use a small amount of formula.  We’ll go through one of the large canisters in about 3 weeks time.  Now we only use formula if we’re somewhere I don’t feel comfortable breastfeeding in public or if we’re mixing cereal and I don’t have time to pump. 


Of course even though I’m only using a small amount I prefer to save as much as possible, so we tried to switch to a few of the cheaper formulas, but we didn’t have much luck.  Elliana’s immature digestive system caused her to projectile vomit almost everything except the Similac.  That’s when we tried the Parents Choice formula closest to Similac Advance, and it worked!  She had no problems at all, and we save $11 on every can!  The Parents Choice formulas are even cheaper than using one of the Similac $5 coupons I receive through the mail on a regular basis.


If you’ve considered Parents Choice formula, but you’ve been afraid to try it here’s your chance.  Right now you can request free samples of Parents Choice Advantage and Parents Choice Premium.  You just might be able to save yourself a lot of cash by switching.


Thanks to FreeSnatcher for sharing this freebie.