Redeem Printable Coupons For “Free” Items At Dollar General

I posted a little while back about stores not wanting to accept coupons that offered free items any longer.  There are a long list of stores refusing to take these coupons, but I do have a bit of good news to share.


Dollar General stores are currently accepting coupons printed from online sources that offer free items with the purchase of another item.  They WILL NOT accept the coupons that are for a free item only, but as long as the coupon requires the purchase of another item it can be used.


This has been a big problem with the Nabisco coupons.  Even though you must purchase a pack of cookies and a gallon of milk to receive your free pack of cookies most stores won’t accept the coupon and say it is fraudulent.  Dollar General stores WILL accept this coupon!


Also, Dollar General is one of the few stores that are still accepting multiple coupons for the same product.  One coupon must be a Dollar General store coupon, and the other must be a manufacturer’s coupon.  You can find Dollar General coupons in your weekly circular and online here.  You may also use multiple coupons that are not store only coupons if the coupon does not state one per item.


View Dollar General’s coupon policy for more information on how to use coupons in their stores and what coupons will be accepted.