Up To 75% Off Name Brands At Jimmy Jazz

After working out some details with my sister, mother-in-law, and a couple friends we all decided we're going to have a huge multi-family yard sale in a few weeks. I honestly can't wait because I'm so ready to get rid of a ton of stuff that's in my house just piling up and collecting dust. It's also time for me to think about all these baby clothes we have that don't fit the little one anymore, and I have a ton of my own clothes that I know I'll never get back into.


I do plan on keeping some of the baby clothes, but our wonderful family and friends gave the little one so many clothes that we have plenty to go around. I'm going to keep a few outfits from each size group and pass the rest onto someone else who needs them now. Clearing out my own closet means I get to do some shopping as well. If I get rid of everything that doesn't fit I'll have the room to finally buy some new clothes that do fit. I've been holding off on shopping waiting around for sales, and now I'm going to pick myself out a few new outfits. My cousin passed on a pair of apple bottom jeans, and I love how they fit me. I think I'm going to order myself another pair since Jimmy Jazz is having a summer sale!


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