List of Stores That Won't Accept Internet "Free" Coupons

After my post yesterday I was informed of a few other places that are no longer accepting coupons printed from the internet for free items.  That list now includes Ingles, Bi-lo, Kroger, and Harris Teeter.  Most of these stores will still take internet coupons, just not those that offer free items.  This is because there are so many scam coupons out there.  I understand this because I did recently try to use a coupon for an acne treatment gel only to find out the coupon was actually a fake scam.

There are a lot of legit internet coupons for free items out there that are also showing up as fakes even though they are real. Unfortunately the stores aren't willing to try to figure out which ones are real versus the fakes. It's a waste of time. Because of this I will no longer be sharing any coupons that give free items as most people can't use them.