So Sorry

I fully admit I haven't been searching for freebies or coupons over the last few days. Real life has thrown itself at me full force, and the little one is still refusing to sleep. That is definitely leaving one tired Mommy who hasn't had time for much of anything. As I type this I should totally be in bed as it's 1:35am, but I'm stuck waiting on laundry to finish washing so I can throw it in the dryer before I drift off to sleep. This week has been pretty darn stressful. If things don't let up soon I'm going to be foregoing my freebies search a little longer while I spend what for ways to remove acne scarring not just my face but my entire body has erupted like a pimple volcano over the last few days. Stress always does that to me, and I am NOT a pretty sight right now! Cross your fingers things will return to normal in a few days for both my sake and yours. When things calm down I'll be back to the freebies and coupons hunt as usual. Until then feel free to share any contests, freebies, or coupons you may want to pass along by hitting the handy dandy "Email Me" button on my sidebar. I promise to post anything shared that isn't a scam.