Ingles No Longer Accepting Internet Coupons For "Free" Products

Just a heads up to you guys that shop at Ingles Markets.  Tonight when I tried to use my coupons for a free can of Libby's vegetables and the free pack of Nabisco cookies (both coupons can be found here) I was told Ingles doesn't accept coupons for "free" products any more if the coupon has been printed from the internet.  I asked if this is a new policy as I've never had a problem using coupons that offer free products before, and I was told that no, this policy has been in effect for as long as the cashier could remember.

That's funny considering I just used a whole bunch of coupons I printed off for free products last week.  It's a good thing I used those coupons, though.  The cashier did check with the manager, and he did say they no longer would accept those types of coupons, but they will still accept all other coupons that are printed from the internet.  I was also told this policy is for all Ingles stores, not just the one where I shop.

I may try to use the coupons at another store, but it's once again getting to the point where finding a store that will accept printed coupons is harder than finding good effective weight loss supplements. I don't know if I feel like wasting my gas to go out of my way to the other stores closest to us, both of which are 25 minutes away, just to get $6 worth of free products...if those stores will even accept printed coupons.