Another Black Friday Under Our Belts

Did everyone have fun yesterday?  I admit this year I did not venture out into the crowds and chaos to do my Black Friday shopping, but I did take advantage of a few Black Friday deals online.  I just didn’t have the cash or the time to plan a Black Friday venture to the store this year, but a lot of stores were giving away free shipping for online orders of items already greatly discounted. 


If you picked up some really great deals I’d love to hear about them.  Where any stores in your area running extra promotions?  I’ve had a few people tell me that some stores were giving out extra freebies to all Black Friday shoppers as they came in the door!  A local mom and pop shop gave goodie bags to all patrons that included a gift card and some promotional items like the ones you pick up at tradeshow giveaways with their store logo.


If you didn’t get a chance to do any shopping yesterday don’t worry.  Cyber Monday is on it’s way, so you still have the opportunity to pick up some great gifts for a steal without having to fight crowds and stand in line.  Personally I prefer the online shopping myself!