Discount Cigars For The New Dad To Celebrate

It seems like almost everyone I know is pregnant right now.  All of our close friends, with the exception of 2 couples who can’t have children, are expecting babies in the next 3 months.  I admit I’m a bit jealous because we’re not right there with them getting ready to welcome a new addition into our family (it will happen when it’s meant to be), but I’m so happy for all of them. 

Hubby and I both get excited about new babies because we both get to shop for them.  Yes, Hubby shops, too, but not for the babies.  I buy the cute little outfits and baby stuff as well as stuff for the new mom, and Hubby is always ready with cigars for the new dads.  I always try to buy baby outfits that will fit later in the year because I know everyone gets lots of newborn stuff at their showers.  That’s why right now has been a great time to shop all the clearance sales for outfits that will fit all these new little ones come fall and winter next year. 

Hubby is also preparing for the birth of his friend’s baby in a couple weeks by shopping around for cigars.  He used to walk into a local cigar shop and pick up a couple no matter what the price, but I’ve shown him he can even buy stuff like that at a discount.  He doesn’t go for the cutesy “It’s a boy” or “It’s a girl” wrapped cigars, so it’s easy to find them at great prices online.  Tonight we’ve been looking at gurkha evil cigars from Not only can he pick up a box of 20 for a discounted price, but they offer free ground shipping, too!  He’ll have enough cigars for the next 20 babies that enter our circle of friends and family, and with all the new babies on the way that box won’t last long.  I can name 15 couples we know right now having new little ones, and 2 of them are having twins!