Organizing The Electronics

I've been trying to get organized lately, and that includes organizing the 14 random hard drives I have stacked in anti-static bags in my office.  I know I'm a major pack rat when it comes to my old computer stuff, but I keep it all for a reason.  There are years of memories, programs, graphics, music, and only God knows what else stuffed on each one of those hard drives.  Before the kiddos came along I spent years making signature tags and graphics as a hobby.  At least 2 of those hard drives are packed full of graphics, photoshop plugins I spent way too much money on, brushes, etc.  Another one is packed full of ebooks.

I've decided it's time to sort through the mess on all those hard drives and organize them.  That means I'm going to be deleting a ton of stuff.  Who needs PLR articles on great places to buy swing sets virginia beach when I don't even live near Virginia Beach? I know I don't.  Who needs pdfs full of receipts from over 7 years ago?  I think most of those can be deleted now, too.  What I do know is I have a mess, and once I sort through all of it I'll find I can probably get rid of over half of those hard drives!