Win A Year Of Diapers From Luvs Network

luvsdiapers Hubby and I set out to find the perfect diaper when our daughter was born.  Since she was a preemie we had to use the few brands that made preemie diapers for the first month, but as soon as she grew into newborn size we started our hunt.  Although I prefer using cloth diapers at home it’s just not always possible for me to do so when we’re out and about. 


We’ve been through just about every brand out there (store brands included), and we’ve learned a very important lesson.  More expensive doesn’t always mean better.  Our daughter has leaked out of every single brand except for one…Luvs!  Not only are they $5-7 cheaper in most stores, but they just work better for us.  Saving money is an added bonus.


If you’ve been on the hunt for a great diaper I definitely suggest giving Luvs a try.  Right now if you sign up for the Luvs Network you can enter to win free diapers for a year, and you’ll receive two $2.50 off coupons just for joining!