A Note & Carinsurancelist.com

If it isn’t one thing around here keeping me from blogging it’s another.  This week it’s the fact that I’m sick and trying to take care of the little one at the same time.  Most of my baby free time has been spent in bed trying to recover from this sinus infection I’ve got going on.  It started with an earache a couple days ago, and it’s only gotten worse.  Needless to say I haven’t been doing a lot of coupon and freebie searches because of it. 


Tonight I’d love to be asleep, but my ear starts aching again every time my head hits the pillow.  Now that the baby is asleep I’m going to use this time instead to try to find you guys some shares. 


We’ll start with a helpful site for finding car insurance.  I’m reminding you yet again to make sure you’re not paying too much for your auto insurance because you really can save a good bit of cash just by shopping around.  I’m sharing carinsurancelist.com with you because it’s not just a helpful site to find various car insurance quotes.  They also have a ton of helpful information for free.  Just check out the articles they offer about things such as SR-22 insurance, electric car insurance, and crash tests.  That’s just a few of these articles, so there could be some valuable information for you sitting there on the site waiting to be read!