The Coupon Game & American Greeting Coupon

I’m sorry things have been pretty quiet around here.  We got some bad news that is going to make our already very tight budget even tighter, so I’ve spent most of my free time lately going over the budget and trying to figure out exactly what I can do to keep us afloat.  It looks like my best option is going to be trying to play the good ‘ole coupon game, so I’ve spent a lot of time trying to learn exactly how to coupon to the best of my ability. 

I do use coupons regularly, but I’m trying to up my game and learn to use them at the right times to make the most out of them.  Couple that with the fact that quite a few of the stores I shop at have recently changed their coupon policies, and I’ve had a lot of research to do on how to make things work out the best.  By no means do I want to be an extreme couponer, but I would like to save money anywhere possible.

I’ve kind of given up my sample searching while doing this because I just haven’t had the time to do it all.  I’ve been battling a crowd of extreme couponers who have been clearing everything off the shelves, so I’ve spent a lot of time strategizing where to shop just so I can use my coupons and get the stuff I need for my family.  It drives me nuts when I go to the store to buy what we need to get by and I can’t because the shelves are empty!  One night last week I had to go to 4 different stores just to get the basic items we use each week!

Anywho, so that’s what’s been going on.  I’m sorry I haven’t posted much, and I promise to try to share some great finds with you as soon as possible.

For now here is a quick printable coupon from American Greetings that is available just in time for Father’s Day.  Click here to print a coupon good for $2 or 2 American Greetings cards.  These cards sell for $1 each at Walmart, so with this coupon you will get both cards free!  Hurry though because the coupon expires June 19th, 2011!