I Took A Break

I fully admit I haven’t done the least bit of couponing or freebie hunting lately.  I’ve been so busy I haven’t even thought about it.  We’ve been having lots of car problems to the point we finally broke down and bought a new to us truck.  Plus with the holiday and such I really haven’t done much shopping.

I did do a bit of yard sale shopping, but I don’t really count that as deal hunting because I wasn’t out searching for deals.  I just happened to stop by a hard sale because I saw something I liked, and I walked away with some new clothes.  I did manage to get my sis-in-law some baby phat tops that were new with tags on them for .50 each. Score!

I’m not done with couponing, but I definitely needed a break.  I’m glad I took it, and now I’m ready to get back to work saving as much money as I can!  After all, I do have a new truck payment to make!