Time To Celebrate

Too bad we can't take that trip to Florida to visit family right now because if we could Hubby's cousin and I would totally be celebrating.  We would have to look up the number for pure limousines and ride around all night celebrating the fact that I'm getting another girl. Woot!

Of course Hubby is disappointed that he's not getting his boy right now, but he's ok with it.  I'm ecstatic because another girl means I don't have to buy all new baby stuff!  We tried to keep as much as we could neutral when our daughter was born because we anticipated reusing lots of stuff with future babies, but you can't keep everything unisex.  After 3 years my attic is packed full of boxes of girl clothes for every age and every season.  We'll get to reuse most of those without having to worry about buying a wardrobe for a boy.