Free Shipping From CC Outdoor Store

The last few days have been quite fun around here, and I admit I haven’t spent much time doing anything online.  We had a massive snow storm hit, massive for our area anyway, and I’ve been spending my time playing in the snow and snuggling with the little one and Hubby.  Last night we got a bit of ice, and the power kept blinking. 

We were afraid we were going to lose power completely because we normally do when we get snow/ice, so we all piled up in the living room next to the woodstove.  We knew if the power went off during the night it would be warmer in there than the bedrooms because no power means no blower on the stove to keep the heat moving through the house.  We have a pull out couch bed in there, and I hated sleeping on it. 

I kind of wish I’d bought the big agnes sleeping bag I looked at awhile back because I would have probably have been more comfortable on the floor. I made a mental note to find some sleeping bags for us, and while looking I discovered that CC Outdoor Store has free shipping on orders over $75, and they carry the sleeping bags I want plus a whole bunch of other camping supplies and outdoor supplies.