Gift Giving Doesn’t Have To Be Expensive

This has been a day of gift searching and making for me, and I set out to do it as cheaply as possible.

I started the day by making a diaper cake for my cousin’s baby shower tomorrow.  If you’re looking for a great do it yourself gift for a mother to be a diaper cake is a fun and easy way to go.  A lot of people think they are super expensive to make, but actually they’re not.  It all depends on the type of diapers you choose and the value of the items you use to decorate. 

Each cake I make costs me about $20 to make if I have to purchase every single item that goes into it, but most of the time I only spend about $10 including the diaper purchase.  Keep in mind I prefer to give the Mom a supply of smaller items she can use instead of one or two larger more expensive items.  The cake I made today cost me $19.12 to make because I had to buy some gifts, decorations, and of course diapers, but the value of items in the cake totaled closer to $40.  I used an online coupon code to buy the $25 sock set I decorated with for a total cost of $12.63 including shipping.  I purchased a pack of Huggies diapers on sale and with coupons for $3.49!  Inside the cake is a bottle of baby lotion and a bottle of baby shampoo as well as a rolled up onesie.  Each were items I previously picked up to go in my gift drawer when they were on sale for $1 each.  Because this was a themed cake for a themed baby shower I picked up scrapbooking stickers to use for decorations at $1 a sheet, and I purchased 3 sheets.  I matched the shower’s color scheme by using red and brown ribbon from craft supplies I already owned, and I added the new baby’s name, Roper, to the ribbon with t-shirt paint from my craft supplies as well.  It may not be perfect, but it’s a gift from the heart, and it was within my budget.


After finishing that I went in search of a gift for my Grandpa’s birthday next week.  I buy him the same type of item every year, but I try my best to make it a different item each year.  His thing is chocolate, and my Grandma only lets him have it on holidays and birthdays because he’ll eat himself sick lol.  This year I thought about getting him something gourmet, but I thought I might not be able to afford it.  I checked out the sale section on and found a cute set of a half dozen assorted gourmet chocolate dipped berries for $19.99 (regularly $29.99).  With my $25 gift budget I can afford them!  I’ll have to keep this site in mind when I’m looking for a quick gift for dad's day next year! It definitely pays to look around in the sale sections. You never know what might be on sale that you couldn't afford otherwise!