Find Those Clearance Items!

When shopping for electronics I always check out the clearance sections before I buy anything.  Whether you’re looking for something small like mp3 speakers or a bigger item like an entertainment system clearance items are a great way to go.  We purchased our home entertainment system for 70% off retail by picking up last year’s model (with all the features we need and want) on clearance.

I was checking out some great deals from The Source that are going on right now.  There are quite a few items I want in the clearance section, and Oct 14-16 you can grab an extra 30% off during the Anniversary Employee Pricing Event.  Also, new customers can signup for their newsletter to receive free shipping on their first order!  If you can’t take advantage of the free shipping don’t worry.  You can also have your items shipped to any store for free.Now that’s a ton of savings!